Year of design: 2018
Client: Alias

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Impossible is the continuation of the studio’s ongoing work with sheets and spreads.

Being inspired by a combination of 3d printing technologies and the work of Brazilian sculpture Amilcar de Castro, the studio wanted to explore the three dimensional possibilities enabled by using an “impossible” spread that overlaps itself. The use of the impossible spread creates an illusion for the modern era viewer which is instinctively aware of the logic of how a material bends, and creates a visual game, which is logic and illogic at the same time.

Structurally, the design of the tables took advantage of the impossible spreads and created forms that are both interesting in terms of sculptural qualities, and smart in terms of structure.

The visual language was kept simple and clear in order to emphasis the main concept and the chosen material is thick in order to enhance the sculptural qualities of the folded spread.

For us, the concept of the tables offers a possible bridge between the aesthetic of the machine of the 20th century and aesthetics of the digital fabrications era of the 21st century. The tables use the visual language of the machine which we have come so accustomed to in order to tell the morphological story, but uses it in a way which is free from the constraints of traditional machine manufacturing.

The tables were developed to prototype stage together with Italian furniture company Alias but did not reach production.

Concept sketch
Spread sketch of the first table
Cardboard spread of the first table
Structure evaluation : )