Jerusalem Gateway Lookout

Year: 2019
Client: Jerusalem Gateway Project, Moriah & Eden
Project manager: Ran Wolf Ltd.
Graphic design: The League
Manufacturing: Chofim

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Jerusalem Gateway Lookout is a site specific project designed for the Jerusalem Gateway Project, which is destined to become one of Israel’s most important business quarters and establish Israel’s largest integrated transportation hub.

As the construction work of the area will span throughout the course of more than a decade, in an area which is a hustling transportation hub and the entrance to Jerusalem the capital of Israel, the project’s management created a multidisciplinary team of municipality officials, urban planners, landscape architects, graphic designers and industrial designers, with the purpose of the team to design the construction areas of the project in a way that would keep them fully functional, create a sense of place-making and communicate the project throughout the construction work.

Our studio was in charge of the industrial design elements of the project. One of the tasks we were given was to design a lookout point which was destined to be placed in a strategic area which overlooks the construction areas with the purpose of explaining what was going to be built in each area of the vast construction sight.

Because the future architecture has yet to be built and is in ongoing construction, we looked for ways to help the viewer imagine the future cityscape.

Our solution was a family of signs, each one pointing to a general direction with an explanation and rendering of what was going to be constructed in that area.

Initial concepts
Onsite cardboard models