Terrazzo Candle Holders

Year of design: 2010
Self Production

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Jerusalem is a city of contradictions fused together: holiness and “every-dayness”, new and old, simplicity and complexity, rich and poor. These fused contradictions led to this project, which tried to reflect this perception using different elements from life in Jerusalem.

The use of terrazzo was an easy choice: a cheap, functional and durable material which is primarily used in floor tiles, and is common in Jerusalem. The Terrazzo is literally a low class material. Opposed to the low class Terrazzo we chose the Shabbath candle holders, which are important objects which take part in the sacred ritual of the welcoming of Sabbath.

The rising of the simple floor tile material to the honorary Sabbath table is the essence of the Jerusalem uniqueness and magic for us, and reflects the contradictions that are engraved in the city’s characteristics.

The project was originally designed in 2010 and was re-designed in 2015 as the 2.0 version.