Indoor Farm

Year of design: 2019
Client: Greenonyx

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Greenonyx is an Israeli startup company developing indoor farming units for the cultivation of Khai-Nam.

Khai-Nam is a highly nutritional and tasty vegetable presently cultivated in the waters of Burma, Thailand and Laos. Greenonyx developed a deep-tech, patented cultivation platform, autonomous from seed to pack which bio-mimics the natural habitat growth conditions, delivering fresh greens year-round with production efficiency which is equivalent to the annual yield of a 3,000sqm green vegetables field.

Our role in the project was to design the covering of the cultivation unit. From a cultural point of view, the challenge of the design was to find a new kind of farming language, that although is different technologically from traditional agriculture, is still connected to the cultural and iconic visual heritage of agriculture.

After exploring a few concepts, we decided to proceed with a concept of the “silo”. Silos are agricultural structures used in agriculture to store grains and food products. This icon was very useful for us, as it hinted at the agricultural function of the unit but allowed us to embed within it functional elements such as windows, openings, vents, and operational panels in a harmonious way.

Initial CAD sketches.