Year of design: 2021
Client: Mogogo

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Waves is a space divider designed for Mogogo, a premium furniture brand for the hospitality industry.

The project was designed for the needs of the hospitality sector to create safe space divisions due to the Covid -19 pandemic, as well as dividing spaces in events.

The concept of the project was to design a frameless divider that would give both privacy and safety to hotel guests, yet not interrupt the space’s design, flow, and light.

The project started with inspiration from a napkin holder: A simple stiff element that holds a thin sheet of material.

In order to achieve this concept, we needed to find the right material that would be affordable, have the ability to hold its own weight, durable to impact and light enough to be carried by one person.

The chosen material was an industrial corrugated polycarbonate sheet that is mostly used for outdoor structures and roofings and is designed to withstand the impact of various weather conditions such as hail. The corrugated waves of the sheet are intended to strengthen the material, but for us, in addition to its structural qualities, the wave section gave the feeling of a transparent draped piece of air that filters the space behind it and creates a beautiful visual quality.

Additionally, part of the project’s brief was that the dividers would be delivered flat packed to customers and would enable both easy initial assembly and quick disassembly of the base and sheet to enable easy movement within the customer’s space.

The result is a new divider typology that is both affordable, aesthetic and due to its frameless design is gentle in its intrusion of the found spaces it is intended for and compliments them in a modest way.