J850 Sales Kit

Year of design: 2019
Client: Stratasys

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Stratasys, one of the largest 3D printer manufacturers in the world, arrived to our studio with a brief in which they requested we design 3D printed samples for a sales kit for their new J850 printer, which is a multi-material, multi-color and multi-shore printer which can combine all of these abilities, in endless variations, in one single print.

Each of these sample prints was intended for a different industry with the purpose of showing the company’s clients the special abilities of the printer and how they can be implemented in the design process of a specific industry.

The car key, was intended for the automotive industry and more specifically to showcase material characteristics which are specific for automotive interiors. For this reason we were asked to feature the printers ability to print graphics, fine details, delicate 3d textures and the new Stratasys VeroUltraClear material.

The car key was chosen because it was a small and independent object that can easily be carried but is still connected to the aesthetic of the vehicle and is able to exemplify it in a macro object.