Elastic Hinge

Year: 2016
Commissioned by Design Museum Holon for Overview exhibition

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The starting point of the project was in a focused interest on the way glasses are folded. Through the examination of various folding techniques from different fields we found ourselves inspired by the structure of tent rods and applied aspects of this technique to our glasses: an elastic cord is threaded in channels in the glasses frame and handles and allow for their folding, replacing the traditional hinge.

In addition the glasses design, which are manufactured in SLA 3d printing technology, was preformed through the utilization of the advantages of 3d printing abilities such as the manufacturing of small inner channels in the frame and handles. Thus, the 3d printing manufacturing technique is a fundamental part of the glasses folding structure and unique visual appearance and is explicitly emphasized in the design by the colorful cords which highlight the
inner channels.

The project consists of 3 different models.